Female Getaway Driver in Nipsey Hussle Killing Says She Was In The Dark


TMZ was able to get in touch with the women who allegedly drove the getaway car for Eric "Lil Shitty" Holder, who is said to be Nipsey Hussle's killer.

We're just going to reprint what they wrote because, quite frankly, it sounds like a lot of BS.

So here it is without snark or prejudice for you to decide:

We got tipped that the car police say Holder used was taken to an auto shop last June. We found out from people connected to the shop there was indeed a car that came in with the license plate in question. The name on the invoice was Eric Holder, along with a phone number.

We called the number and a woman answered. She said she did not know Holder last June but subsequently did get to know him. That didn't make a lot of sense because it appears the car is registered to either her or someone in her family ... yet Holder's name was on the invoice. She told us it was her car.

The woman then said she subsequently began a friendship with Holder and she was with him Sunday when they drove to Nipsey's clothing store near the Crenshaw District of L.A. She claims she was waiting for him in the alley when he went over to the clothing store. She also claims she didn't know why he was going there and he didn't say anything when he came back to the car.

TMZ added that the women said she wanted to get in touch with the police to clear her name. But that at this point she's had no contact with the detectives on the case. 

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