Feast Your Eyes On The 'Biggest Butts In Rap Videos'

By HHL Editors

Big butts and rap videos go together like shiny whips and rap videos or champagne bottles and rap videos.

XXL has put gone through the painstaking process of compiling a Biggest Butts in Rap Videos super cut. (And by biggest they mean the best, duh.) So the least you can do is watch it.

If you can identify all the videos in the super cut you can consider yourself both a longtime fan of Hip Hop and an assologist. We'll give you some hints: A%AP Rocky, Outkast, Q-Tip, Schoolboy Q, Nelly and, of course, Sir Mix-A-Lot are among the artists featured.

Have they missed any of the great Hip Hop video backsides? Let us know in the comment section.

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