Fat Joe Explains How 50 Cent F-ed Up New York Hip Hop


Fat Joe and 50 Cent had a lot of problems with each other during the aughts. But they buried all of that in 2012 after they came together to pay tribute to the late Chris Lighty.

Joe now considers 50 "family."

However, 50 may not be happy to hear what his family member had to say on yesterday's Everyday Struggle.

Joe forwarded the theory that it was 50 who "ruined" New York Hip Hop by fighting with everybody in the city who had turntables and a mic.

“[50 Cent] caused that [negative] energy ...  Prior to that, New York Hip Hop got along,"  said Fat Joe. “That energy fucked up the New York vibe. It allowed everybody to get on some cocky shit ... It was a bad time for New York Hip Hop."

Fat Joe certainly isn't the first person to suggest that it was 50's appetite for beef that ended New York's Hip Hop reign and pushed the game's epicenter down South 

Hot 97's Ebro Darden is a big proponent of that theory, and 50 Cent has pushed back against him for it.

Do you think he'll have something to say about his bro Joe?

Joe starts talking Fif around 33:30.

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