Fat Joe Blames Ja Morant's Dad For His Son's Problems

By Daryl Nelson

As people in and out of the sports world continue to talk about Ja Morant being suspended by the Memphis Grizzlies for brandishing a gun, Fat Joe spoke about his dad, Tee Morant.

Joe believes that Tee should be schooling his son more instead of enjoying his new found fame.

"Ja Morant always got his father there," said Joe on social media. "Instead of enjoying the scene and getting drunk at the games, he better school his son before the kid loses his career [and] loses all the greatness he got to bring. You gotta understand, as a fan, I'm selfish, I don't want nothing to happen to Ja Morant because he got so many Christmases, so many birthdays, so many times to light them up on TV." 

"He is must see TV," Joe added. "I do not want this kid to get in trouble. They said he's still young, that means nothing ...You cannot be out there punching people with a gun ... Somebody tell this future billionaire to sit his ass down!"

Do you also blame Tee Morant for Ja's recent problems?

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