Famous Dex Explains Why He Spends $10,000 A Month on Weed

By Daryl Nelson

Famous Dex had a conversation about weed with DJ Smalls and admitted to spending up to $10,000 a month on it.

Why? Because he claims he smokes two to three ounces every day.

Upon hearing that news, Smalls asked the rapper if he ever thought about how that money could go towards a house or new car instead. But Dex said he doesn't think about the money he spends, not unless he's being asked about it. 

"We don't think of it until we do a damn interview, thinking of how much we done [spent]," he said. "When we get that money, we don't think about that. We get that money, man, that shit burns people pockets ... Everybody keeps up with the Joneses right now.

But then, after being asked about his weed spending habits one more time, Dex admitted that he should be more responsible. 

"It's not worth it," he stated. "I got kids. Even though I take care of my kids good, that money could go towards a house, it can go towards a building. I could invest that money. But I don't think about that, because I get that money, and it burns in our pockets."

You can see his entire interview below. Three zips a day is an awful lot of weed to smoke and Lil Pump recently got mocked for claiming that volume.  But, as you will see, Dex is very, very high.

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