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Famous Dex Addresses Chain Getting Snatched [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

There was a rumor going around that said Famous Dex had his chained snatched. He recently addressed it on social media. 

According to the "Pick It Up" rapper, he was set up, but his necklace was just taken, so he wasn't actually robbed. Dex said if a robbery really did take place, the thieves would've gotten all of his stuff.

"I ain't going to do that internet [talk], but I had to address the snatch word. I had to address that, 'cause real niggas taking everything," he said while he held up a pricey looking watch. "I ain't have my niggas with me. I don't want to hear none of that. I ain't have my twin with me, I ain't have my security. Ain't nobody take shit from me. Real talk on my son ... I know what's going on."

Do you think Dex was really robbed, or is he just trying not to look bad?

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