"Family Guy" Mocks Kanye West With Kanye Canes


Family Guy decided to spread some holiday cheer by making fun of Kanye West.

During the long-running sitcom's Christmas special last night the Griffen family spoofed 'Ye with "Kanye Canes," talking peppermint treats that spew Kanye-isms.

Check it out.

"You know, it’s just like, you know, music, and fashion, all that! You know I can’t be stopped.  Whatever I do, you know, I just want to be the best, because the best is never enough, and Mark Zuckerberg promised he’d give me fifty million dollars, fam, but then, he welshed and I’m penniless," said the Kanye canes.

That's ex-SNL player and current White Famous star Jay Pharoah trotting out his Kanye impression once again.

Of course, when it comes to mocking Kanye in an animated sitcom, South Park already did it.

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