The Evidence Against Blac Youngsta In Young Dolph Shooting Mounts

By HHL Editors

Yesterday, Blac Youngsta was arrested for shooting up Young Dolph's van during CIAA weekend in Charlotte earlier this year.

His team initially claimed the only evidence the cops had against Blac were the lyrics in Young Dolph's mixtape Bulletproof, in which Dolph brags of surviving the 100 bullet attack.

It turns out the cops have a lot more evidence.

Younsta's lawyer is now admitting that a vehicle Blac had rented was involved in the shooting. He claims that somebody must have stolen the rented vehicle from his client.

Then the thief used the car to shoot up another rapper with whom Youngster happened to have had a high-profile beef with.

Good luck with that one.

Youngsta spoke to the cameras as he was turning himself in yesterday.

“I ain’t see nothing, I ain’t do nothing,” Blac Youngsta said. “It’s obvious somebody ratting. Somebody snitching,” he added, somewhat contradicting his plea of innocence.
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