Every Song on The Weeknd's Album Is On The Billboard Charts

By Sermon

After Beauty Behind The Madness had one of the best opening weeks of the year, The Weeknd claims an even more impressive accomplishment. All 14 songs on the album have entered the Billboard charts, including his #1 hits 'Can't Feel My Face' and 'The Hills' in the top two stops.

Earlier this year, Drake also achieved this with all the songs off If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. (Which is the only album to top BBTM in first week sales.)

Here are the 14 songs and their Billboard rank.

No. 1, "Can't Feel My Face" No. 2, "The Hills" No. 16, "Prisoner," featuring Lana Del Rey (debut) No. 19, "Tell Your Friends" (debut) No. 22, "Acquainted" (debut) No. 23, "Real Life" (debut) No. 27, "Shameless" (debut) No. 31, "Losers," featuring Labrinth (debut) No. 35, "Dark Times," featuring Ed Sheeran (debut) No. 36, "In the Night" (debut) No. 38, "Angel" (debut) No. 42, "As You Are" (debut)

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