Eminem Reveals 'Lose Yourself' Demo Version He Doesn't Remember Recording

By HHL Editors

'Lose Yourself' is probably Eminem's most famous song. It's certainly his only hit to win an Oscar, and Beats By Dre has been rolling out clips for a documentary that they are doing on the track. (Full track below.)

In the latest, Em reveals that there was a demo version of 'Lose Yourself' that he has no recollection of recording, perhaps because he was battling prescription pill addiction during that time period . It was brought to his attention, and he decided to put the full version of the demo on his upcoming compilation album Shady XV.

That drops on November 24. But for now you can hear a couple snippets from the unremembered original effort in the videos below.

Would 'Lose Yourself' still have been a mega-hit if it was released in its original form? We're not so sure. What do you think?

Update. Here is the full track:

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