Eminem Receives Big Payout From Political Party For Copyright Breach

By Daryl Nelson

A judge in New Zealand has ordered the country's top conservative political party to pay Eminem's publisher $415,000 for breaching the copyright of his song 'Lose Yourself.'

A few years ago, The National Party bought a song called "Eminem-esque" off Beatbox, a site where you can purchase popular songs that are slightly changed to avoid lawsuits.

In this particular case, a suit wasn't avoided, and it could mean the end of the entire "sound-alike" song business.

According to the New York Daily News, The National Party used the "Eminem Esque" cut 186 times during its 2014 election campaign but then removed it.

In the end, the judge said the song sounds way too similar to Em's 2002 hit from his 8 Mile movie, and now some major dough has to be forked over.

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