Eminem Now Embroiled In Lana Del Rey Punch Controversy

By HHL Editors

The general consensus is that Eminem killed it in yesterday's 'SHADY CXVPHER.' But it wouldn't be Em if there wasn't also a bit of controversy, right?

And here it is: There has been increasing scrutiny of Shady's verse "I may fight for gay rights, especially if the dyke is more of a knockout than Janay Rice / Play nice, bitch I'll punch Lana Del Ray in the face twice like Ray Rice / in broad daylight / in plain sight of elevator surveillance / 'til the head is bangin' on the railin' / then celebrate with the Ravens."

Critics say such language trivializes violence against women.

Rapper Azealia Banks, who is a friend of Del Rey, attacked Eminem on Twitter. First she threatened  to punch him in the mouth in a Tweet she deleted, and then she sent out this to her followers:

So far no comment from Del Rey. But given that the sultry crooner has a long habit of using shock to promote her own career, we can't imagine she's too upset about the free publicity.

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