Driver In Desiigner Road Rage Arrest Is A Steroid Dealer & Actor

By HHL Editors

Desiigner has already had the gun charge stemming for his road rage incident last week dropped.

And it looks like it's only a matter of time before the drug charges against the 19 year old are dropped too.

That's because all 300 plus pills found in the car Desiigner was riding in were steroids, and they all belonged to the driver Scott Siegel.

Siegel has a pretty interesting history.  The 41-year old did a three stint in federal prison for dealing steroids in 2010, and he also appeared in the 2008 Micky Rourke movie The Wrestler, playing what-else-but a steroid dealer.

What Siegel is doing hanging with a rail thin rapper who's less than half of his age is anybody's guess. Bodyguard maybe?

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