Draymond Green Savages Rudy Gobert For Crying Over All Star Snub


Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert didn't make the All-Star team this year.

You could make an agreement that he deserved a sport over LaMarcus Aldridge, but it's a close call either way.

Gobert, who's never been an All-Star, certainly thought he deserved a spot. In fact, the Frenchman got so emo about the snub that he teared up when discussing it with reporters.

Golden State forward Draymond Green also didn't make the cut this year, ending a three-year run representing the Western Conference. 

He was not sympathetic to Gobert's tears.


While Green met Gobert's emotions with mockery, Rudy's team had his back.

“Flabbergasted, disappointed, disgusted, I guess would be some adjectives to describe our collective mood,” Utah Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey said of the snub. “We’re not very happy with the coaches’ vote. Ownership, [team president] Steve Starks, [head coach] Quin Snyder, myself — there’s no way to put into words our disappointment.”

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