Draymond Green Details His Issues With Kevin Durant


Former Warrior teammates Draymond Green and Kevin Durant notoriously got into it during and after a loss to the Clippers in 2018.

The spat led to a suspension for Green and paved the way for Durant to leave the Warriors.  Green opened up on what exactly happened that evening in an interview with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes.

“Beginning of the year, I told (Warriors general manager) Bob (Myers) and (coach) Steve (Kerr): ‘I’m struggling with Kevin right now. I need some help. It’s frustrating and I need some help.’ Nobody did s**t. So I’m kind of stuck in this position, but aight.

So we’re playing the Clippers, and you know how I am — I’m gonna roll with you, I’ll take the bullet for you, I’ll take the heat in the media for you, I’ll take the suspension for you, I’ll take the fine, I’ll take the tech, whatever — for my guys. But in return, all I need from you is just to know that you’re with me …

He comes to the bench and he slaps the bench like, ‘Yo! Pass me the f*cking ball.’ I’m like, ‘Get the f*ck outta here. F***ing run then.’ And he’s like, ‘You heard what the f*ck I said’ and slaps the chair: ‘Pass me the f***ing ball.’ I’m like, ‘Yo, you better calm the f*ck down. I don’t know who the f*ck you think you’re talking to.’

Remember, I got the pulse of this team. I got the pulse of the organization. I already know you one foot in and one foot out. By the way, I’m the closest person here to you. When you have a problem — when sh*t going on in your life — the person you talk to here is me. We got that relationship … So that’s where I’m like, ‘Yo, who the f*ck you think you’re talking to? I’ve been an All-Star before you got here. I’ve been doing this. Don’t talk to me like I’m one of these little dudes that don’t know how to hoop. I’m a grown-a$$ man.’

And then he started cussing back and I’m cussing back. And then DeMarcus (Cousins) pulled me out of the huddle like, ‘Yo, calm down. I feel where you’re coming from but relax. It’s too much.'”

According to Green, Durant had been mouthing off to everyone on the team prior to the incident.

If we ever play basketball again, do you think Durant and Kylie Irving can co-exist in Brooklyn?

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