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Draya Brags About Having One Of The Greatest Boob Jobs Ever [PHOTOS]

By HHL Editors

Reality TV star Draya was called out on Instagram for having "a bad job."

Her response was polite but hyperbolic:

draya boobs

Luckily, we have mounds and mounds of photos of Draya's breastisis on Instagram. So you can decide the quality of Draya's boob job for yourself.

DRaya boobs 7 Draya boobs 6 Draya boobs 5 DRaya boobs 4 DRaya boobs 3 Draya boobs 2 Draya boobs 1 orlando draya split

Whatever you conclude, we're not sure think Draya can match fellow jock sniffer  Gloria Govan when it comes to overall chest presentation.

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