Drake Wants To Do Battle Rap But Feels Held Back By Corporate Obligations

By HHL Editors

Drake is presenting the King Of The Dot battle rap event 'Blackout 5' in Toronto tonight.

Last year, Drake was making noise about stepping in the battle rap ring himself, and even challenged seasoned battle rapper Murda Mook. During yesterday's press conference for 'Blackout 5' Drizzy was asked if he sees himself participating in battle rap anytime soon.

"I love to enter the scene. It's tough for me because it's sort of a no hold barred competitive interaction," Drake explained. "The problem with that is that I have to go back to my life after that. I've always struggled with that as far battle rap goes, I would love to get into the scene. But I have obligations -- I might say something, somebody might something about me -- it just kind of makes it tough when I have corporate stuff going. I think one day I might do it. I don't know if Mook deserves it."
Jab at Mook aside, do you think Drake has what it takes to be a battle rapper? He later added "I definitely have a phone with a folder full of bars for somebody."

Drake talks battle rap at about the ten minute mark of the video below.

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