Drake Unfollows Ninja After The Gamer's Comments About Him


Drake famously lost $5,000 while playing professional gamer Ninja in Fortnite.

Then he didn't pay up.

In addition to outing Drake as Birdman's true son, Ninja also said he thought Drake sorta used him when he jumped on his Twitch stream.

"Is he gonna buy my next line of Ninja merch?" he wondered. "Or my Ninja headband? Probably not. I feel like Drake saw that I was up-and-coming in the gaming scene, and he thought it would be a perfect way to just tap into another source of viewers by playing with me."

Ninja did add that he remained a huge Drake fan and would happily buy Drake merch.

But his comments were still too much for Drake, and he has unfollowed Ninja on Instagram. 

It's not the first time Drake has unfollowed someone after they said something publicly he didn't like. He did the same to Rihanna after she said they are no longer friends and detailed his cheeseball behavior. 

What do you think of Drake's pettiness?

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