Did Drake Really Invent 'YOLO?' Shark Tank Star Says No (But He Didn't Either)

By HHL Editors

Drake likes to say he coined the motto YOLO. He even apologized for doing so last year during his Saturday Night Live monologue.

But it turns out Drizzy wasn't the first to shorten the age old expression "you only live once" to hash-tagable acronym form.

TMZ's cameras recently caught up with Shark Tank star Daymond John, and he rather proudly declared that he first used YOLO on the air in 2009, inventing the term.

There is video evidence of this happening. But there is also Wikipedia evidence that Adam Mesh, who appeared on the reality show The Average Joe in 2004, coined the phrase. He even sold T-shirts with YOLO on them, making both Drake and John's insistence that they were the ones to introduce YOLO to the masses all the more odd.

So Mesh is the culprit. The more you know. (#TMYK)

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