Drake Fires Up Airball At Kentucky Midnight Madness

By HHL Editors

It was Midnight Madness Friday in Lexington, as fans met the latest generation of Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari's highly touted recruits.

Wildcats superfan Drake was there too, and he introduced Calipari to the crowd. That went well enough, and Drake got a good laugh when he whipped out his infamous lint roller.

But, unfortunately for Drake, he also tried to shoot the rock.  Aiiiiir baaaall. Aiiiir baaaall.

With his Kentucky track suit on, Drake actually looked like a baller. That is until the ball failed to reach the rim.

Being Canadian is no longer an excuse for Drizzy's weird form and bad results; the last two number one overall picks in the draft were also from our neighbors to the north. Speaking of Canadians, who do you think would win a game of one-on-one, Bieber or Drake?

Watch Drake's miss over and over again. We know Chris Brown is.

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