Drake Discusses Using Quentin Miller For Reference Tracks

By HHL Editors

Drake escaped the whole Meek Mill-induced ghostwriter scandal relatively unscathed. But it could have gone another way if Meek came in more prepared for battle.

Because Mill's charges never really stuck, Drake never had to describe what was going on with Quentin Miller and those reference tracks. In an interview The FADAR, Drizzy finally brought up the controversy that never really was, and explained how "ghostwriters" like Quentin Miller contribute to his creative process.

"I need, sometimes, individuals to spark an idea so that I can take off running," he says. "I don’t mind that. And those recordings—they are what they are. And you can use your own judgment on what they mean to you ..." If I have to be the vessel for this conversation to be brought up—you know, God forbid we start talking about writing and references and who takes what from where—I’m OK with it being me," he says. "It’s just, music at times can be a collaborative process, you know? Who came up with this, who came up with that—for me, it’s like, I know that it takes me to execute every single thing that I’ve done up until this point. And I’m not ashamed."
What do you think of Drake's explanation?

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