Drake Absolved Of Paternity Of Random Baby On 'Maury'

By HHL Editors

If you even seen the show Maury -- and it's been around since 1991 so you probably have -- you know one of the most popular segments is when the dad tells the mom he doesn't think that a baby is his, or vice verse.

That's what happened on a recent show, but there was an OVO twist. A dark-skinned father didn't think his light-skinned supposed child could have possibly come from his sperm. In fact, he thought the baby looked suspiciously like Drake.

"It look like Drake! It look like Drake!" the cuckold's mother began to shout. "Is that Drake's baby?"

"Drake I need some child support. is this is your baby," the baby's mother finally said, conceding the possibility that she had birthed rap royalty.

Now Drake has actually mentioned the possibility of a "couple bitches tryin' to have my on the Maury" before. But Maury put an end to the fun by absolving Drake of paternity in no uncertain terms.

"It's not Drake's baby," the host said matter of factly, leaving the feuding couple to their boring and ruined lives.

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