Dr. Dre Clarifies Role In Suge Knight Hit & Run Murder

By HHL Editors

Suge Knight's story is that Terry Carter -- the man he ran over and killed Thursday -- had called Knight back to a commercial shoot Dr. Dre was doing because Dre wanted to finally make peace with Knight, who had just been thrown off of the set by Dre's security.

Dre says that's a bunch of bull. According TMZ, Dre never told Carter to summon Knight back to the set for a peace summit. In fact, Dre didn't want Knight anywhere close to him. Not so much because of their long and famous feud, but because he views Knight as a guy who has a permanent target on his chest and he didn't want to get himself or his crew caught in the crossfire.

TMZ sources also say Dre thinks it's "pretty convenient" that the only other person who could confirm Dre wanted a peace meeting -- Carter -- is dead.

Police believe Knight mistakenly but deliberately ran over and killed Carter. They speculate Knight couldn't see him and thought he was one of the two men -- possibly members of Dre's security detail -- whom Knight had been scuffling with earlier, and whom may have just been exchanging punches with Knight through his truck window. Actor Cle "Bone" Sloan was also injured by Knight's truck. He was hospitalized and is in stable condition.

Details remain sketchy, but Knight has been charged with murder.

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