Dr. Boyce Watkins Says Immaturity Led To 50 Cent's Bankruptcy

By HHL Editors

Dr. Boyce Watkins is known for both his commentary on Hip Hop culture and for his financial advice.

So he obviously had something to say about 50 Cent declaring bankruptcy.

In the video below, Watkins describes what Chapter 11 bankruptcy is. No, Fif is not broke. But he currently doesn't have the cash to pay his debts, and that's not a place any business man wants to be.

What bankrupted 50, so to speak, seems to be the $5 million he now has to pay Rick Ross's baby mama for leaking her sex tape.

Watkins criticized Fif, saying the 40-year old's immaturity is a big part of what got him into his current financial predicament.

"A grown ass man has no business getting involved in teenager shit," Watkins said. "What concerns my about 50 Cent is he ends up in these situations that just seem a little bit strange ... He works a little bit too hard to get that attention, and settling scores and beefs with people. That's just not good for your spirit, number one. Number two, it's not good for your public image and, number 3, it's definitely not good for your bank account."
The whole video is below.

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