'Donut Incident' Fallout Starting To Hit Ariana Grande

By HHL Editors

Big Sean may have dodged a big bullet.

His ex Ariana Grande, who once had an American Sweetheart-ish thing going on, is now at odds with her home country after video of the instantly notorious "donut incident" has leaked.

In the clip, the pint-sized pop star licks her new boyfriend, may have licked a donut that wasn't hers, is obnoxious toward the donut lady, and casually says that she hates America and Americans. Judging by her fellow's patriotic attire, the incident took place on the Fourth Of July.

This morning it was announced that Grande will no longer be headlining the MLB All-Star Game concert Saturday in Cincinnati. Demi Lovato, who presumably still loves America, will perform instead.

In his track 'Stay Down, Big Sean raps that Grande has a billion dollar pussy. Given this recent PR debacle, we feel safe in downgrading it to just seven figures.

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