Dom Kennedy Sues LAPD Over 'Unconstitutional' Gun Laws After Arrest

By Daryl Nelson

California isn't a gun friendly state.  

Especially compared to places like Florida.

Dom Kennedy filed a lawsuit because of it.

The class-action suit comes after he and another man named Garry Matthews were arrested for gun possession. 

In court papers, Dom's lawyer said the arrest was unconstitutional and so is California currently not issuing concealed weapons permits.

"The City’s and the Board’s and LAPD’s unconstitutional ‘no-issue’ CCW policies (concealed weapons permit) and other unconstitutional gun control laws, which were officially adopted and promulgated by the City’s policymakers, caused [Dom Kennedy and Matthews] and the other members of the Arrest Class and the Nonresident Class to be arrested and detained merely for the permissible Second Amendment conduct of carrying a handgun for general self-defense outside the home or place of business," it says in court docs, according to AllHipHop.

“The two key, undisputed facts in this case are that there were no actions that the Plaintiffs or the other class members could have taken during the relevant time period that would have allowed them to carry a handgun for general self-defense in the City of Los Angeles," it also reads. 

"By adopting and following a City policy of refusing to issue CCWs for general self-defense and then by adopting and following a City policy of strictly enforcing State laws prohibiting carrying a handgun outside the home without a CCW, the City violated their Second Amendment rights and in the case of Mr. Mathews and the Nonresident Class, the City violated their Fourteenth Amendment rights.”

How successful do you think Dom and the others will be with this suit?

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