DJ Whoo Kid: Drake May Have Been Turned On Watching Me Get Head

By HHL Editors

DJ Whoo Kid told a pretty questionable story about Drake and oral sex during an appearance on Sam Roberts' radio show.

It started with Roberts bringing up that Whoo Kid has a Drake story that Roberts doesn't like.

That prompted Whoo Kid to tell the story.

"I was DJing and Drake was in the VIP section, and this chick was giving me head in the fucking DJ booth. So Drake was just like ..." Whoo Kid said, and then mimicked Drake craning his neck so he could get a good view of the girl giving him a blow job.
Roberts then explained he doesn't like the story because he wants Drake to be the cool guy, not Whoo Kid.
"It looked like he was getting turned on a little bit," Kidd added. "I don't know if it was because I was getting head." "I don't want to know. Don't besmirch the image of Drake," Roberts said.
The interaction between Whoo Kid and Roberts is actually a few years old. But we've never heard the story before and the clip just hit YouTube.

Jump to the 2:30 mark to hear the Drake story. Be warned, everything in the video is pretty NSFW.

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