DJ Mustard Talks About How He Squashed Beef With YG

By HHL Editors

Dynamic duo DJ Mustard and YG seemed to be on the outs a couple weeks ago after the pair hurled nastiness at each other on social media; Mustard said he hadn't been paid for his work on YG's album My Krazy Life and YG told Mustard to f-off.

But the emcee and producer patched thing up quickly. So quickly some thought the whole flare up was a publicity stunt.

Mustard addressed the brief beef during an interview with MTV.

That was a miscommunication. It was more so some, 'Def Jam needs to start paying me faster,' that's what I really was on. I wasn't on no like, 'I never got paid,' or anything like that. With me and him, it's not about the money, 'cause I can call him and tell him to loan me $100,000 and he'll do it.
When in doubt, blame the label.

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