DJ Akademiks Says Meek Mill Got In His DMs And Warned Him

By HHL Editors

Meek Mill has become increasingly upset about the way he's been portrayed in the media, and is trying to make the case that the coverage is unfair.

DJ Akademiks reports that Meek recently warned him to ease up on what he's been posting about Meek.

"Meek Mill hops in my Instagram DMs, and got like 10 or 15 Dreamchasers members with him. I'm like "what the fuck." Now this a group deal. ... So it's him, me, Omelly, Chino, I think he got the nigga who roll the weed, everybody in Dreamchasers is tagged in this message. So Meek says 'Yo, watch how you kinda portray me on the Gram man. It's not a game out here.'"
Akademiks then explains the content he posts about Meek is always publicly available and often things Meek has put up himself. While it's a true that his commentators clown on Meek, Akademiks says it's not because of his captions, but rather because Meek has made himself the butt of all jokes.

Akademiks went on to say that during Meek's Drake beef, Mill's camp accused Drizzy of paying people to say negative things about Meek the Internet.

Last week, Meek accused certain blogs of taking money from his ex Nicki Minaj.

All in all, it seems like Meek is in a very paranoid place.

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