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DJ Akademiks Says Freddie Gibbs Took Down His IG Page


As of this morning, DJ Akademik's very popular Instagram page is still down.

While we speculated the social media-obsessed Meek Mill may have lobbied Zuckerberger to have the page deleted, Ak thinks it was Freddie Gibbs, another one of his rap opps.


I got my Instagram back… they said that @FreddieGibbs snitched on me … but I beat the case. Freddie I don’t want no more beef with u. U literally police," Ak typed. "From here on out.. @FreddieGibbs I’m telling u .. u tweet at me it’s silence… u snitched on me to instagram.. u got it. U out internet me bro. Call J Prince .. cuz I don’t want no more smoke with u. U win. Just stop telling please."

Gibbs took Ak's accusation seriously and Tweeted right back.