DJ Akademiks May Be Facing Jail Time


It looks like DJ Akademiks is on the wrong side of this crime story.

The outspoken media figure was in court today, and the rumor is he got pulled over for a broken taillight and was found with an open container and unlicensed gun. If that's the case, he will likely go to prison, as New York City has brutal gun laws.

Ak addressed the situation in a web video:

“They might lock a nigga up in the morning," he says at the 3:27 mark. "Caught a little case, you feel me? I thought about running, but I didn’t kill nobody. The worst they could give me is like five to ten years. I could snitch on like five people and probably get a couple of months, that’s a joke, that’s a joke.”

His girlfriend, who is the background, tells Ak not to snitch on anyone.

There is also a shot of Ak at court today.

We'll update when we get more info. But Everyday Struggle may have lost both of its high profile hosts.

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