Director Accuses Kanye West & Hype Williams Of Ripping Him Off

By HHL Editors

You probably never saw the 2009 movie Enter the Void. Few did.

While the Gaspar Noé  directed film may have flopped, its title credit sequence was considered an instant classic, with film geek Quentin Tarantino calling it one of the greatest of all-time.

If that looks familiar, you may be recognizing it from the Kanye West video 'All The Lights.'

West and the video's director Hype Williams have long been suspected of plagiarizing 'Enter The Void.'  But Noé hadn't addressed the situation until an interview with the Daily Beast this week. He told the website that neither West nor Williams ever consulted or credited him, and that he believes he was plagiarized:

"And the director [Hype Williams] was someone else who ripped off the titles to my movie," he said. "I was more shocked by the fact that that guy who copied all the typography of my titles put his name in it — Hype Williams — when you never usually see a director’s name in a music video. "He was putting his name on it over and over! It was so weird that he was not only copying it, but adding his name into the credits over and over again."
Check out a a side-by-side comparison below, and let us know if you think Williams and 'Ye are illicitly outsourcing their creativity:

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