Is Diddy Starring In 'Rush Hour 4'?

By HHL Editors

Not sure to what to make of this one. A billboard has popped up over a bar in Los Angeles which says Diddy [Sean Combs] will be starring in Rush Hour 4 with South Korean martial arts expert Byung-hun Lee.

Last night, Diddy gave the project his cosign by posting a photo of the billboard on his Instagram account.

The Rush is back ...

A photo posted by Sean Diddy Combs (@iamdiddy) on

Additionally, Lee's reps confirmed his participation in Rush Hour 4.

"Lee Byung Hun's agency says that it is not a joke, writes Korean movie blog Or at least it's not a joke his agency is in on. On April 23, his agency, BH Entertainment, confirmed his participation."
On the other hand ... representatives at New Line, the studio which owns the rights to the Rush Hour franchise, have said they don't know anything about the billboard.

Furthermore, IMdB says Rush Hour 4 is a real thing, but will feature original stars Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.  And there's only enough room in a Rush Hour for one wise cracking black dude and one English-challenged Asian.

Some are saying this may be an elaborate Funny or Die prank.

Hopefully, 50 Cent gets involved somehow.


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