Diddy Scores The Drake Pusha T Feud


Diddy has had his issues with Drake in the past, although they never really made it to wax. He's been following Drake's battle with Pusha T, like everyone, and he spoke on (and scored) the beef on The Breakfast Club.

"It's a part of Hip Hop, man," Diddy said. "If you're trying to be the best MC, there's gonna be battles. At this juncture in time, it's kinda safe. When we was having battles, it was getting unsafe. I think that this is the most skillful artist that Drake has come up against and, you know, Drake likes the smoke. He loves the smoke."

Charlamagne then brought up J. Prince, who told Drake not to respond to Push because things had gotten too negative.

"If he felt that things were going to get to a point of negativity and violence, I think you got to listen to your OGs. It ain't worth it. But as far is in the battle, if he didn't respond he took the L," Puff declared.

Diddy went on to explain that sometimes you just have to take the L.

"He should listen to J. Prince because I was in that same position," he said. "I was in that same position with [when 2Pac dissed Biggie with 'Hit 'Em Up'] and I told Big not to respond, so I can understand. Cause what Big had written ... It was going to get as bad as it got."

Jump to seven minutes to hear Puff's words on Drake vs. Push.


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