Diddy & Revolt Sued For Discriminating Against White People

By HHL Editors

A five man team who produced Revolt TV's broadcast of The Breakfast Club until they were fired in December of 2014 are suing Diddy and Revolt for reverse discrimination.

The men, who were all white and over 39, had previously worked on Howard Stern's radio show. They say at Revolt they were  “treated worse than other employees who were younger and African American.”

They accuse Revolt executives of "harboring resentment against Caucasians" while excusing and ignoring "African-American employees who arrived to work intoxicated or hung over."

When the production team complained about the show’s guests lack of punctuality they were told they didn't understand the "culture" and were ostracized and mocked.

“Whereas the show’s on-air personalities tolerated lateness, the production team was used to producing shows where such a lack of punctuality was either less tolerated or not permitted whatsoever,” the suit reads.
After they were fired, they were replaced by black (and they say) inexperienced employees.

So far no comment from Diddy or Revolt, who probably see things differently.

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