Diddy & Mark Wahlberg Box Each Other In Mayweather, McGregor Promo Clip

By Daryl Nelson

With the Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor fight coming this weekend, fans, pundits and celebrities have been giving their predictions. The latest celebs to do so are Diddy and Mark Wahlberg.

Both of them star in a promo clip for the fight, which definitely borrows from the last scene of the movie Rocky III.

The video starts with the Bad Boy boss and actor talking about Mayweather's 2015 fight with Manny Pacquiao, which they bet on. From there, the scene flashes to the present day, where both Diddy and Wahlberg trash talk each other and get inside a boxing ring.

"I've been waiting for this a long time," says Diddy in the clip. "Really? We're not gonna dance in there. You know that, right?" Wahlberg says in return.
The big fight goes down this Saturday a the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and it'll air on Showtime's Pay-Per-View channel. You can check out the promo clip below.

Diddy won $250K from Wahlberg on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. They're doing it double or nothing for Saturday's battle, with Diddy sticking with Money and Wahlberg taking the underdog Irishman.

Who do you have in the fight and how long do you think it'll last?

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