Did Bow Wow Fake Getting Chased By Fans?

By HHL Editors

Bow Wow has been caught multiple times in massive fake flexes.

His most notorious incident was last month when he IG claimed to be headed to New York on a private jet only to be spotted sitting in coach on a commercial flight. 

So when the 30-year old posts something like this, you can forgive Twitter for being skeptical.

On tour and im still getting chased. #runniggarun #feelslikethewalkingdead #love yo @yaboijus718 you was moving church. Im 30, i think i pulled something #bowwow

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In an interview right after the jet fiasco, Bow Wow claimed there was a "scientific method to my madness."

Are you seeing that "science" in his latest stunt? Or is it possible that a crowd of people was genuinely chasing Bow Wow in 2017?

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