Does A Dez Bryant Tape 'Five Times Worse Than Ray Rice' Exist?

By HHL Editors

The interweb has been buzzing with a rumor that there exists a career jeopardizing videotape of Dallas Cowboy receiver Dez Bryant, and that it will be revealed in the next couple of days.

What exactly Bryant is doing on the video is unknown, but a source who's allegedly seen it says it's five times worse than the Ray Rice tape.

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio -- a very mainstream, NBC-approved commentator -- has claimed "all of the major insiders” have been aware of the video for months.

There have been reports in the past that the Cowboys have been disturbed by Bryant's off-field activity. So much so that it has influenced their contract negotiations with him.

Those negotiations would be with Jay Z and Roc Nation, who rep the star receiver.

There are also reports Dez is "being brainwashed by Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports."

It's hard to gauge exactly what that means. But it wouldn't be unfair to say that this tape could influence the future of Roc Nation Sports, along with the devastating consequences it could have for Bryant.

Update: It is said to involve Bryant choking a woman, captured on Walmart security video.

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