Detroit Teens Arrested For Using Real Guns In Rap Video

By HHL Editors

PolicePolice in Detroit have arrested four teenagers for flashing real guns in a residential neighborhood while shooting a rap video.

The neighbors called the cops on the aspiring trappers, who ranged in age from 16 to 19. The firearms -- three hand guns and an assualt rifle -- were loaded, and one of the knuckleheads took a shot at the police while he fled.

Luckily, all four were captured without any injuries or further incident.

Although their behavior was clearly bothering some of the locals, the guy Fox 2 News spoke to about the incident thought the police should have let the teens be.

“They were shooting a video, enjoying themselves, and then the police came,” said witness Wayne Carter. “Everybody got guns. I gotta a gun. Who don't have guns?”
Check out the report below. And, kids, if you want to front in a rap video, be like Slim Jesus (and not Migos) and make it very clear that they are fake guns.

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