'Detox' Is 'Dead' But Dr. Dre Is Supposedly Releasing New Music In 2015

By Sermon

We've heard this one before, so take it with a grain of salt. During an interview with Hip Hop DX, DJ Speed, who was closely affiliated with N.W.A., reveals that Dr. Dre has some new music on the way next year.  Speed also mentioned that Ice Cube and MC Ren are working on albums for 2015, and Yella's messing around in the studio, too.

The long awaited N.W.A movie Straight Outta Compton hits theaters on August 14 of 2015. So if Speed is right it is certainly shaping up like a big year for the West Coast legends. This is what the good DJ had to say:

"Right now, [Dre's] really motivated. People are going to be surprised. He got some shit coming out. Not Detox. You guys can let that go. Detox has been dead for two years. But he’s definitely been in the studio. He's definitely releasing music. Not this year. I think next year’s gonna be a big N.W.A year. I think Cube’s kind of even pushing his album to next year ‘cause he doesn’t really talk about it too much no more. At first it was really hot, but then I think he’s going to push his ’til next year, too. Ren has an album coming out next year. Yella's working on something."
What do you think? If it happens, will you be rocking the new Dre through your Beats?

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