Detail Has Gone Missing Ahead Of Assault Trial Against Drake


Producer Detail claims that in 2014 Drake had him beat down by his bodyguard Chubbs because he refused an offer to become Drizzy's exclusive producer.

The assault is said to have taken place in front of Drake's LA mansion after Drizzy summoned Detail to the home to work on a late night project. Drake's legal team seems to acknowledge that there was an altercation between Chubbs and Detail, which left the producer with a broken jaw and other injuries. However, they argue Chubbs was acting in self-defense.

Detail is in the process of suing and the trial is set to start this week.  But there's one big problem: Detail has gone MIA.

Drake's legal team reports Detail has failed to show up for a deposition and a medical exam and isn't responding to email. He also fired his lawyers back in December, so they can't get to him that way.

If Detail does show up in court, he is expected to ask to have his medical fees paid -- which Drake already refused -- and millions in unspecified damages.

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