Desiigner Makes Startling Admission About His Broads In Atlanta

By HHL Editors

Desiinger's got broads in Atlanta.

We've all heard how he does dozens of times.

But last week the New Yorker admitted that he's never actually ever been to the Southern city before.

And now in an interview with Billboard he's conceded this about his ATL broads.

“I’ve never been to Atlanta,” he admits sheepishly. Barely old enough to be called a millennial, the Brooklyn ­rapper born Sidney Selby III, 19, cites a more prosaic ­inspiration: a girl he met on Facebook. “We never met in person,” he says. “She just said she was from ATL, so I was like, ‘All right — I got broads in Atlanta.’ It’s real life, you feel me? I put real-life shit in my songs."
We guess when you're 19 in 2016 social media is real life.

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