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Desiigner Blasts Those Who Thinks He Fell Off [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

Desiigner has released some big records like 'Panda" and 'Timmy Turner.' But it's been a minute since those hits and some people have accused him of falling off. He addressed them on video.

"For all them haters out there, man. I don't wanna hear all this shit 'Desiigner fell off,'" he said. "Desiigner never fell nowhere ... I fell into a motherfuckin' mansion I just bought in L.A. ... Thank you all my fans. L.O.D. album coming soon ... I don't be getting motherfuckers. Obviously, I only [dropped] a couple of records. I bought a fuckin' mansion. There's greatness really here. I'm up every night working. This ain't a joke. Kanye ain't signing bullshit niggas."

Desiigner also talked about some of the jokes that surround his high energy dancing and spastic movements whenever he performs.

"People try to make fun of you and try to make a laughter out of it," he said. "I'm not a nigga out here killing nobody. I'm turning up and it's still the laughter."

Would you say that Desiigner fell off?



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