Derrick Rose Dragged Nick Young Into His Rape Lawsuit

By HHL Editors

Derrick Rose is involved in a nasty lawsuit with his ex.

She says he drugged and then gang raped her.

He says she's just pissed because he didn't reimburse her for a sex toy.

They're in pretrial deliberations right now, and in an attempt to counter his accuser's claim that she was a prude who would never agree to group sex, Rose has brought Nick Young's name into things.

According to court docs, Rose's legal team introduced a November 2014 text from his accuser to her roommate which read "since u goin to nicks can u please tell him to give u my bra lol."

They then revealed the "Nick" was confirmed as Nick Young, and argued that her casual relationships with other NBA players proved she was no sexual innocent.

Nick Young was dating Iggy Azalea in November of 2014, and had been for some time.

So if D'Angelo Russell hadn't famously snitched on Young's cheating back in March a much better guard would have likely been the one to end the relationship between Swaggy P and Iggy.

The trial is set to start October 4. The accuser is suing Rose and two other men she says gang raped her for $21.5 million.

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