Derek Jeter Addresses Allegations He Wouldn't Work With 50 Cent

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In a lawsuit filed against Derek Jeter last week, the underwear company Frigo claims that Jeter stopped promoting their brand because they also brought 50 Cent aboard.

According to Frigo's CEO Mathias Ingvarsson, Jeter didn't want to be associated with Fif because he deemed him too urban.

50 Cent responded to the allegations by saying he's suddenly become a Mets fan.

Jeter has now denied the claim.

"As a major investor, current stockholder and lender to the Company, I am disgusted by Ingvarsson's decision to make these false allegations against me in the press, instead of attempting to work out our business dispute in private," the Yankee great said in a statement. "I facilitated the introductory meeting between 50 Cent and the company, so it makes absolutely no sense that I would object to 50 Cent being a Frigo brand ambassador or think that 50 Cent is 'too urban' for the brand."
That wasn't the only thing Jeter denied this week.

It has famously been reported that after Jeter chops down a groupie, he sends her home with a gift bag that includes a signed baseball and other memorabilia.

In interview with Joe Buck, the future Hall of Famer said that was completely made up, and that he couldn't believe anyone would think he would give out his own memorabilia like that.

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