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Denzel Curry Says He's Tired Of Social Media Gangsters

By Daryl Nelson

Denzel Curry said he's never liked social media because it has too many fake tough guys.  But he's learned to ignore them.

"I'm starting to get on it a little bit more," he told HipHopDX . "I just started to be goofy and not worry about people commenting, 'cause that was the main thing. People commented and people saying shit I don't like and getting away with it. I don't like that shit, 'cause you know in real life they wouldn't get away with it if they say it in person ... They don't dare say it to my face. The only way they can get away with it is on social media ... With that, I was hot."
Curry also said that he knew he could just disable IG's comment section but thought that was a sucker move.

"I don't wan't to do that," he stated. "Makes me feel weak. I'd just rather take it ... Either they're jealous and have nothing to do or they're low key fans and don't want to admit it."
What do you think about what Curry had to say?

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