Denzel Curry Hospitalized After Falling Through Stage

By HHL Editors

Denzel Curry's show last night in Knoxville was one for the books.

Redditor RazaReact was there, and he explains what happened.

After doing probably 7-8 songs with the crowd, he and one of his openers (Yoshi Thompkins) started climbing a sort of half wall while rapping Ultimate. The wall turned out to be more of a divider than anything, and Curry fell over the top of it, busted through the ceiling of the women's restroom, and landed hard (it seems like he landed on his head). Everyone went silent other than his crew/openers asking if he was alright through their mics, and he emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, FINISHED ULTIMATE, then walked through the crowd saying "fuck it, fuck it". He went off to the side and talked to his crew before disappearing to the back. Everyone started to leave and the EMT soon showed up asking us where the person who sustained a falling injury was. They brought in a stretcher and eventually rolled him out to the ambulance. As he passed, I threw up the "U" with my hand and he did it back, saying he was going to be alright.

Curry sounded off on the incident on Twitter:


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