DeAndre Jordan Can't Concentrate On Interview When Tupac Is Playing

By HHL Editors

The late great Tupac Shakur basically ran the sporting world yesterday. He was there on Julian Edelman's shirt and added even more controversy to InflateGate. He was also in DeAndre Jordan's head when the Clippers center was interviewed after his squad's MLK day win over the Celtics.

As you can see and hear, the Pac track 'To Live & Die In L.A' was blaring on the Staples Center's PA when the sideline reporter tried to interview Jordan after the game ended. The power of Pac was so strong that the seven-footer started bumping his head to the beat, and then completely forgot what question he was in the process of  answering.

Now the Clippers just have to figure out a way to use the sounds of Pac to hypnotize Jordan when he's on the foul line.

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