David Banner Arrested After Going Crazy On Bouncer [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

David Banner has found a way to get himself in the news.

The 42 -year old was in DC over the weekend, and was apparently quite displeased when one of his boys was denied entry into Ozio Restaurant & Lounge early Sunday morning.

According the police report, he told the bouncer "I got you nigga, I got you. You a sellout nigga. I got money" before pelting the doorman with money and credit cards.

By the time the cops came everyone had their iPhones out, and Banner was recorded yelling "I don't give a fuck about no police!"

The police cared enough about him to arrest Banner for inciting a fight.

Banner says things aren't what they seem:

Especially when it is incorrect information. Do you care about the truth? Think about it before you report. Are you really Hiphop? Or pawns.

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