Dave East To Play Method Man In Wu Tang Series


Do you think Dave East looks like Method Man?

RZA thinks he does because he cast him as a character based on Method Man in the ten-part Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga.

RZA wrote and created the show, which sounds like a re-imagination of the Wu-Tang story rather than a direct biography.

In fact, the name of the Method Man-character East plays is Shotgun. 

"Tall, with a knack for rhymes, Shotgun takes pride in being the assistant manager at the concession stand next to the Statue of Liberty. A popular figure in Staten Island, he stays above the turf wars," reads the description.

The show just began shooting. No word on when it hits the streaming service.

In addition to expanding his acting portfolio, East is slated to drop his debut album Survival shortly.